otection for your computer starts at $9.99 per month  

Worry No More - Security and maintenance

- 100% Infection Free Computer Guarantee
- Professional anti-virus software
- Professional anti-malware software
- Pro-active Computer error monitoring
- Automated periodic computer maintenance​
- Remote software agent for remote access

Worry No More - extra features

- Free Remote Support for all "Worry No More" plan items
- Automated hassle-free Windows Updates
- Automated computer audit and reporting
- Free plan transfer when computer swap is needed
- Free tech guidance
- ​Optional online data backup 

Worry No More - pricing

"Worry No More" computer plan features and pricing.


"Worry No More" server plan features and pricing.

Chatham PC price list

Valid from 1/1/2023

Remote Support

  • Remote Services - hourly rate $90
  • Remote Computer (virus) cleanup - for customers with no plan - fixed rate​ $129
  • Remote Computer (Virus) cleanup - with purchase of new plan as well - fixed rate $69
  • Remote Computer diagnostics - fixed rate, if you choose it $49
  • Remote data recovery services - hourly rate​ $90
  • Remotely setup new computer (*normal) - fixed rate, if you choose it $299
  • Remotely setup new server (**normal) - fixed rate, if you choose it​ $899

On-site Support

  • On-site Services - hourly rate $99
  • Computer (virus) cleanup -hourly rate $99
  • Computer (Virus) cleanup - with purchase of new "Worry No More" plan - hourly rate $99
  • Computer diagnostics on-site - fixed rate, if you choose it $99
  • On-site data recovery services - hourly rate​ $99
  • Setup new computer on-site (*normal) - fixed rate, if you choose it $399
  • Setup new server on-site (**normal) - fixed rate, if you choose it​ $999

We can help you with almost every aspect of your technology needs for your home, home office or business. We charge an hourly rate as shown above, or you can ask us for our very convenient fixed priced quotes (the most common fixed prices are shown above).
You can also choose to have us as your "full-service technology provider". We charge a monthly fee for this, and we set you as high priority customer. You will still need to pay an hourly rate for onsite service visits, but we will be your "in-house" IT person, when you need us. The monthly fee varies with the size and needs of your operation. Ask us for a free estimate.
We have a one-hour minimum policy for on-site visits (due to travel cost). Our billing time starts when we are at your location and not before. Please ask us for our coverage area if needed (rule of thumb is a 10 mile radius around Chatham, NJ). The phone support rate is $90 per hour - billed in 1 minutes increments (i.e. $15.00 per 10 minutes).

* Setup includes unpacking and setting up the new computer. It also includes copying data and configuration files from one old PC to the new PC. Lastly up to 5 programs will be installed.

** Includes setup of Microsoft Windows server operating system and setting up the server and all the basic server items on a Microsoft Windows server operating system (Domain, Active Directory, Exchange, security, user setup, file sharing, terminal server, DNS, DHCP and IIS etc.). Setting up the backup system and testing the server is included in this item.